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About David Essery

Experienced Web Designer and Developer. Owner and operator of New Moon.


David has always had a passion for learning, relishing the opportunity to grow and learn wherever as possible. Coupled with a talent for logical thinking and a strong eye for design, building websites came very naturally to him.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Networks and Web Design, David went on to work for his first Marketing Agency where he became a full stack developer gaining knowledge and experience in a wide variety of subjects. Within a few years he was promoted to senior developer and was responsible for speccing and delivery projects for high end corporate clients.

Over a decade later, after honing those skills and expanding his knowledge, he established New Moon with the goal of delivering the same standards his clients had come to know and expect from an agency but at a price anyone can afford.


Currently New Moon operates out of Southampton, England but can easily work with clients in anywhere in the world.

The Tech Bit

Below are some of the technologies and methodologies that David works with on a daily basis. Throughout his career, there has been many more but this list represents some of his current favourites.

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