How to change the publish date of a HubSpot page or blog post

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There are many reasons why you might want to change the published date of a page or blog post in HubSpot but the most common is probably when migrating content from an old website as it can be important that all of your news articles have the correct dates.

Thankfully, HubSpot make the process really easy! Just follow these simple steps:


  1. When editing a page or blog post, click on the schedule tab along the top
  2. You will see one of two options, 'Publish now' and depending on if your content has been publish yet or not, either 'Schedule for later' or 'Change publish date'
  3. Select the second option available, either 'Schedule for later' or 'Change publish date'
  4. Two new fields will appear. Use these to select both the date and time that you wish to display for your content

That is it, just make sure you either publish or update your page after you have completed making all of your changes using the option in the top right.

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